North Carolina is a state that is home to a diverse population, including many immigrant and refugee families. These families face unique challenges when it comes to adjusting to their new homes, from learning the language and culture to finding work and securing housing. Jalloh’s Upright Services is a local organization that is dedicated to helping immigrant and refugee families integrate into North Carolina and overcome these challenges.

Jalloh’s Upright Services offers a range of programs and services to help immigrant and refugee families make the transition to their new lives. These services include language classes, job training, and assistance with finding affordable housing. Additionally, the organization offers mentorship programs and support groups to help families connect with others in their communities and build a sense of belonging.

One of the key challenges that many immigrant and refugee families face is a lack of access to quality education. Jalloh’s Upright Services works with local schools and community organizations to provide educational resources and support to families. The organization also provides tutoring and homework help to students, helping them to succeed in school and build a foundation for their future success.

Jalloh’s Upright Services is also committed to helping immigrant and refugee families understand their rights and responsibilities as residents of North Carolina. The organization provides legal assistance and advocacy services to help families navigate the complex immigration system and understand their rights under the law.

In addition to the programs and services offered by Jalloh’s Upright Services, the organization is also involved in advocating for immigrant and refugee rights at the local and national level. The organization works with elected officials and community leaders to raise awareness of the challenges faced by immigrant and refugee families and to promote policies that support their integration into North Carolina.

Jalloh’s Upright Services is an important resource for immigrant and refugee families in North Carolina. Through its programs and services, the organization helps families overcome the challenges of adjustment and build a foundation for a successful future in their new home. If you are interested in supporting immigrant and refugee families in North Carolina, consider volunteering or making a donation to Jalloh’s Upright Services.

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